Welcome to the online home of Torque Racing Supply of Enfield, North Carolina. The company is owned by Michael Wells and was established in 2018. Torque Racing Supply specializes in Motorsports Parts, Wraps, Decals, Body Work, Chassis Work, Apparel, and more. The company provides many different services throughout the Motorsports industry. We carry Roll Bar tubing from 3/4 - 1-3/4 .095 wall thickness, 3/4 square tubing to 2x3x1/8 tubing, along with 1" aluminum angle and flat bar. Torque Racing Supply has over 1000 items in stock in our showroom. If we don't have the parts in stock we can get them within 2 to 3 days with free shipping. We carry American Racer dirt tires for Pure Stock V8 and Limited Sportsman classes. Renegade Race Fuel is available at Torque Racing Supply. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Torque Racing Supply is located at 24488 Hwy 561 in Enfield, North Carolina (27823). Six miles from Halifax County Motor Speedway. Contact us today by calling 252-532-2632 or E-Mail TRS at .

Torque Racing Supply offers a wide variety of services including Shock Packages, Chassis Setups, CNC Plasma Table Cutting, Chassis Rework, Front Clip Installments, Rear Clip Rework, Full Chassis Street Stock or Limited Sportsman (Leaf Spring or Metric), Roll Bar Tubing Bending, Aluminum Welding, Banners for Rear of Cars, and more. All Chassis Fabrication will be performed on our Jig Table and all Welding will be performed by AWS Certified Welders.

Torque Racing Supply | 24488 Hwy 561| Enfield, NC | 252-532-2632


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